connor fettes

game programmer

who am I?

Hello! My name is Connor Fettes and I'm currently working as a game programmer at Tantalus Media.

As a fresh graduate, I enjoy exploring interesting and novel (at least to me!) applications of new technologies. I see game development as a beautiful blend of many different artistic expressions.
Working in this industry means I can help produce cool and creative works, whilst continually improving my knowledge and problem solving capabilities (both through building my own experiences and by learning from the many amazing workers around me!)

In 2022 I completed the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE Melbourne. Prior to this I completed two CERT III courses in Screen and Media (2020), and one in Information, Digital Media and Technology (2019).

I can work in any programming language but my primary experience as of late has been in C++ and C#.
Below I have a few fun samples I created during my course at AIE. Click on the cards for more info & related links!

programming samples

2D physics library

neuroevolution library

OpenGL renderer

pathfinding game

game projects

contact me

Feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn regarding anything that might pique your interest.

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